Cooling as a Service

At Grundfos, our guiding principle is:
"The world is full of problems that can be solved in a better way"

With Cooling as a Service (CaaS for short) we leverage our scale to tackle the problem of global cooling by reducing its impact on climate change.

By optimising cooling systems, we want to help your organisation decrease its electricity costs and emit less CO2. CaaS is both, a service and solution hub, created to optimise and balance your chiller plant without replacing components or interrupting operations.

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Our LEAD solution has created significant energy savings for companies in Asia. See our work.

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With LEARN, we want to help you stay updated with the latest developments and become a knowledge leader in the cooling space. We provide resources, white papers, webinars and more. Sign-up to become part of our community of experts and cooling heroes, and brainstorm how to optimise cooling systems all over the world.

  • Get unlimited access to assessment tools and calculators

  • Check your chiller plant efficiency in comparison to industry benchmarks (beta phase)

  • Be notified first about new webinars, videos, white papers, etc.

  • Get invited to our monthly webinars, VIP round tables, open sparring and Q&A with experts from Grundfos


All LEARN features, plus:

Do you know how efficient your chilled water system is and how you can optimise it? LINK Beta gives you control over your energy consumption data and provides you with advice on concrete saving initiatives.

  • Compare your chiller plant efficiency to industry benchmarks

  • Receive our IoT solution that includes a hardware package with gateway and power sensors

  • Our experts guide and support you with the installation

  • You'll receive a report with your chiller plant's electricity consumption overview, every month

  • Get suggestions on how to reduce your electricity consumption from Grundfos experts

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All LEARN and LINKᴮᴱᵀᴬ features, plus:

Individual pricing – no upfront investments

Our IoT solution that makes chiller plants much more efficient, reducing CO2 emissions, saving money and without any upfront costs (pricing relates to concrete savings).

  • Should your chiller plant qualify for LEAD, we guarantee a drastic reduction of your CO2 emission, and savings of at at least US$ 75,000 per year

  • Receive our complete IoT solution, that includes a hardware package with sensors, flow meters, controller and a frequency converter

  • Our authorised partner will take care of the installation and configuration for you

  • You will get a full energy review of your chiller plant

  • Automise and digitalise the operation of your chiller plant, so it always runs optimally. It will be continuously monitored, and you'll save energy, money and CO2.

The LEAD solution is currently available in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Contact us for more details about your country.

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