Cooling humanity without warming the planet



Unlock up to 35% in energy, cost, and emissions savings from your Chiller Plant


Cooling demands and environmental factors like temperature and humidity change daily, making optimizing your chiller Plant a near-impossible task.

Discover how the solutions provided by Grundfos Cooling as a Service can help you solve this problem and achieve energy and cost savings, all while reducing your company’s carbon emissions.


Delivering Results

Meet the companies who have benefitted from our energy efficiency solutions and discover the results they have achieved.

Grundfos Singapore

Grundfos Singapore

Installed a chilled water plant digital control system 

Recieved the green mark platinum award (Super low energy building)

H&H property Management

H&H Property Management, UAE

Retrofitted chiller pumps with Grundfos E-pumps

80% Energy savings

Hilton Hua Hin

Hilton Hua Hin

36% Electricity savings, 36% cost savings & 120 tonnes Co2 saved


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Using expertise from our electricity efficiency specialists at Grundfos, you can be a leader in sustainable cooling.




Maximum savings using intelligent algorithms to ensure your system is optimized at all times.


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