Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment will be installed within my system?

We will install a low-risk/high-security gateway. The gateway has a sim card so we will not be messing with your system in any way. We will also install clamp-on sensors, that don't interfere with your current set-up. In some situations, we will also include VFDs (variable frequency drives).
The key to success is not the equipment itself. It's how our intelligent algorithm manages the data and ensures that your chiller plant is optimized.

How is it possible to save so much?

The efficiency of a Chiller Plant has to do with how it adapts to building use and environmental factors (e.g. changing humidity and temperature). Therefore, even if a system contains the latest machinery and technology, it would not achieve efficiency unless its component's settings are continually changed to meet current conditions.

The solution that we offer enables your team to make changes to component settings in a timely and accurate manner. This means that you will be able to adapt to changing conditions and achieve savings.

What return will I get on my investment?

Your return on investment will be in three areas: 1) Reduced energy consumption, 2) Reduced costs related to energy, and 3) Reduced carbon emissions.

Our Optimise solution has delivered energy, cost, and emissions savings of up to 35% for our clients.

My company wants to use Grundfos Cooling as a Service to reduce its emissions. If the solution chosen works, will we get to keep all emissions reductions?

Yes, you will. 

How much does Grundfos Cooling as a Service cost?

The fees involved depend upon the size and specifications of your Chiller Plant. As a general rule, facilities containing more cooling towers will incur a higher fee due to the additional equipment which will need to be installed. However, the resulting benefit in terms of savings will also be greater.

Will my system suffer from downtime during the installation process?

There is no downtime during installation. This is because the equipment is installed in parallel to your system.

How long does the installation process take?

It should take no longer than 1 week.