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Electricity Rationing - Why?

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Christian Rasmussen


Christian Rasmussen

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Electricity Rationing:  

An Interview with Christian Rasmussen

(Head of Technology at Grundfos, Cooling as a Service)

As you might have seen through various news sources, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic China has introduced an electricity rationing quota.1 However strange it might seem that a country with 1082 coal2 powered and 51 nuclear 3 plants in its mainland would need to ration electricity, the rate at which countries on our planet are using up energy is alarming.  

Currently [as of 2020] being the world’s largest emitter of CO2, China has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2060, and start reducing its emission levels within the next ten years.4

To explain our main questions related to electricity rationing, I turned to Head of Technology at Grundfos, Cooling as a Service – Christian Rasmussen.

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Christian Rasmussen


Christian Rasmussen

Head of Technology​

Christian Rasmussen is the person in our team who have the largest sheet of accomplishments. His many years of experience inside and outside of Grundfos, as well as his amazing willingness to share his ideas, not only makes up the foundation for our blog, but it also makes him an amazing colleague to come to with questions.

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