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Andrea Louise Boa

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We have known for a while now that it isdifficult to combine design with operations and operations with design. But torun an efficient cooling system we still need both! Do you think it is moreefficient to create a new system or improve the old one?

Get an answer in this replay of our very popularpanel discussion!


• Introduction to both processes – design and operations

• How design and operation can work together

• Perception of improving the old system ratherthan building a new one

• What role commissioning is playing in here

• Q&A session with the industry professionals


• Rune Avnsted – Head of Commerce at Grundfos – Cooling as a Service

• Christian Rasmussen – Head of Technology at Grundfos – Cooling as s Service

• Satheesh Samuel – Technical Management Analyst - Cold Chain atA.P. Moller – Maersk

• Tarun Anandani - Senior Engineer at Barghest Building Performance Pte Ltd

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Andrea Louise Boa

Digital marketing assistent

Andrea joined Grundfos in 2021 and started taking care of our newsletters, our SEO strategy and blog posts almost instantly. Andrea has an AP Degree in Marketing Management from Copenhagen Business Academy, but she started working in marketing back in 2016. After her degree, Andrea worked as Head of marketing in a small business selling reclaimed pallet furniture but ended up in Grundfos.

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