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Who is this for?

You want to ensure that your chilled water system is run as efficiently as possible every hour of every day, so you can minimise energy consumption, emissions and costs.

Under our OPTIMISE solution, we will install a PLC, high precision temperature sensors, flow and power meters within your chilled water system, and carry out system optimisations for you. Using intelligent algorithms, your component settings will be automatically adjusted based on environmental and building use factors, ensuring that your system is optimised at all times while delivering maximum savings.


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Instantly adapt to environmental conditions

Component settings will be automatically adjusted based on changing environmental conditions to achieve system balance and avoid energy spikes.

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Reduce human error

Using our intelligent algorithms, the management of your chilled water system will be fully digitalised, thereby minimising the potential for errors.

Achieve continuous improvement over time

With more time spent with your chilled water system, our algorithms become increasingly more intelligent and effective. This means that your system will achieve continuous improvements in efficiency.

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Schedule maintenance in advance

View the health and energy efficiency of your chillers instantly, and schedule maintenance activities in advance. Our team will also monitor your components remotely and notify you if any anomalies are detected.

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What’s included?


• Dashboard measuring total power consumption at system level

• Data bridge with SIM card

• Self powered clamp-on power sensors attached to the main power supply

• Installation and safety instructions for sensor and data bridge installation


• Dashboard updated on weekly basis

• Minute-level power data

What you need to provide:

• Access to your site for installation

What’s Included

•   PLC controller
•   Temperature, flow and pressure sensors
•   Power meters
•   Cabling
•   VSDs
•   Marking of cabinets and cables
•   Control algorithm
•   Local dashboard on PC screen

•   Remote dashboard
•   One-time solution commissioning and yearly finetuning
•   Condition monitoring based on power consumption
•   Distance monitoring of your chillers by our team
•   Our experts on call for troubleshooting and ad-hoc queries

What you need to provide:
•   Access to your site for installation, commissioning and retuning
•   An internet connection


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