'The world is full of problems that can be solved in a better way'

- Poul Due Jensen, Founder of Grundfos



An innovation by Grundfos FutureLab

Grundfos Cooling as a Service is an innovation developed by Grundfos, a global leader in water technology and energy efficiency based in Denmark.

The Founder of Grundfos, Poul Due Jensen, was the inventor of the world’s first water pump, helping to improve lives by providing access to clean and safe water. In the decades since, the company has evolved into a complete water solutions provider armed with a laser sharp focus on sustainability. By embracing innovations that ensure water access for more people around the world, Grundfos is helping to ensure equitable water access for all while addressing the world’s urgent climate challenge.

Cooling humanity, without warming the planet

If all the world’s Chiller Plants were correctly optimised, we would save the equivalent of 50% of the USA’s annual energy consumption. This is an opportunity that must be capitalised on, and it starts with each individual company and the buildings they own.

Our purposeful leadership team

With collective experience and knowledge in the business, technical and sustainability worlds, the Grundfos Cooling as a Service team are turning the big challenge of cooling into a big opportunity.

Stafan Kinze
Innovation Director
Christian Rasmussen
Head of Technology​
Klaus Støve
Head of Operations
Rebekka Biegel
Head of Experience​
Anand Narayanan
Anand Narayanan
Head of Commerce

Save energy, costs and emissions

Using our Optimise solution, a facility with 3 x 500 RT chillers would save:







tonnes of CO2 per year

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