Rising electricity prices - What can you do?

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Are the current rises in electricity costs shocking you?

For a 300-room hotel in Philippines an increase equivalent to 0.01 USD per kWh (PHP 0.52) could mean an extra bill of almost USD 90,000 every year!
For a textile manufacturer in Thailand a similar increase of 0.01 US dollar per kWh (THB 0.33) could mean an extra bill of more than USD 130,000 every year!
The retail price for businesses rose 1 cent in Singapore in 2021 alone, how many cents do you think it will rise this year?

What would a 0,01 USD rise in electricity cost mean for your business?

Hotel owners, production owners, and business owners in general, are fighting hard to recover from the downturn in business that we experienced the worst parts of COVID-19. Now is the time to re-start business – not to pay extra for electricity.

But what can you do? Electricity prices are set in the market, and you cannot run your business without it! What would guests say if there was no air conditioning in the rooms or if the restaurant did not offer a comfortable climate to enjoy a meal? They would not be happy, so you are obligated to keep the cooling system running and providing the service and comfort you are known for, and your customers deserve.

If you run a production, cooling down materials can be a critical part of your process and there is no way you can avoid it. It would ruin your product quality and the brand and recognition you have been building for many years.

There is something you can do

that will not impact on your customers’ experience negatively and that will save you a significant cost on your electricity bill. Even more than what a 1 cent increase would cost you. And you would reduce your CO2 footprint at the same time, so maybe there is still something for customers to feel good about.

Using intelligent algorithms and sensors, Grundfos - Cooling as a Service ensures your chilled water system is continuously optimized. If your system qualifies, our solution delivers annual energy savings between 15% and 40%.


But hey, if you are ok with being overcharged for electricity, just go ahead as usual. If you want to save money and CO2, we are here to support you. 

PS. Don’t get us started on what the CO2 taxes already are or soon will be costing you and our planet. 😊


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